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Introducing Freshreview to Automotive Businesses

Online reviews are crucial for car dealerships because they build trust, increase visibility, and influence customers' purchase decisions. They also provide a platform for engagement and differentiation from competitors.The auto  industry has its own special issues when it comes to managing its image. These include handling bad comments properly, dealing with lots of different services, and competing a lot. Making sure things look good and following rules also make it harder. It's tough to have consistent reviews when people's experiences are different. Freshreview streamlines the review collection process and also helps in monitoring and showcasing these reviews in an effective way.

Harvard Business Review states that a 10% rise in positive reviews fuels a 20% boost in showroom traffic.
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Collect Reviews 

The automotive industry faces some unique issues when it comes to collecting reviews. It offers a variety of services, like repairs and sales, making it a bit tricky to gather reviews for all these different things. Also, car services often take a while, so clients might not leave reviews right away.. The industry's competitiveness adds to the challenge, as businesses aim to stand out among many choices. These factors make review collection in the automotive world quite unique.

  • Automated Review Requests: Freshreview automates the review request process, sending requests to customers through email/SMS.
  • Timing: Users can customize the content and timing of review requests to align with their specific business needs and customer interactions.
  • Customizable Review Campaigns: Automotive businesses can customize their review request campaigns to align with their branding and messaging.

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Monitor Reviews

Automotive businesses face the dual challenges of timely responses to reviews and overcoming language barriers due to diverse platforms. Timely responses are essential for reputation management, while the variety of languages in reviews necessitates translation.

Some car services are complex, and not everyone is a car expert, making it tough to explain reviews. Sometimes, clients have mixed experiences, and making these reviews clear is a challenge.Let’s see how Freshreview solves this:

  • Follow up: Freshreview assists in sending strategic follow up review requests, increasing response rates on post-purchase intervals.
  • Unique Responses: Respond to customer reviews with individualized responses written by your personal AI assistant
  • One place to monitor: You can monitor and respond to reviews from multiple review sites like Google, and DealerRater in a single dashboard. 

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Display Review 

Automotive customers often have visual expectations, especially for customizations or repairs. Effectively showcasing visual results through reviews can be challenging.Customers may have varying expectations based brand, or service required, making it challenging to cater to diverse preferences and experiences in displayed reviews

  • Widgets: The review management tool provides review widgets that can be easily embedded on a business's website.
  • No-tech skills required: It transforms one review into various types of content, making it easy to share on social media, websites, and other platforms.
  • Social Media Posts: It enables the creation of eye-catching social media posts by repurposing reviews, increasing online visibility, and attracting potential customers.

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How Freshreview Benefits Automotive Businesses

Managing your online reputation might sound like it takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. It can boost your website and social media visits, make customer service better, help with getting more potential customers through SEO, and make people trust you more.


Ensures the consistent quality of services across different location.


Addressing negative feedback promptly can help retain clients.


Utilize QR code scanner to easily request from your customers in a jiffy.


Automotive Business FAQs

Managing your online reputation might sounds like it takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. Are you wondering if it is worth investing in Freshreview? We have answered some of your questions.

1. How long does it typically take to see results in terms of improved reputation and increased customer trust using Freshreview?

It completely depends on your volume of customers. During the trial period, we have seen customers get anywhere between 10-15 new reviews. If you get 100 new reviews, you can anticipate receiving 10 new clients within a couple of days of active engagement with your prospects

3. How does the software help in generating more positive reviews for my automotive business?

The software often includes features like automated review request campaigns, making it easier to solicit positive reviews from satisfied customers after their service experiences.

2. Can Freshreview assist in handling negative reviews effectively?

Absolutely, Freshreview provides tools to manage and respond to negative reviews in a professional manner, enabling you to address concerns and potentially resolve issues privately.

4. Can I customize review request messages to align with the various services offered by my dealership?

Freshreview offers customization options, allowing you to tailor review request messages to specific services, such as sales, maintenance, or repairs.


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