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Introducing Freshreview to Businesses offering Personal Service

Grooming businesses encounter challenges in online reputation management due to subjective services, and the need for consistency among staff. Reviews are vital in this industry because they provide social proof, build credibility, and attract new clients by showcasing a business's skills and professionalism. Freshreview that helps streamline reviews with ease. User reviews can be used for attracting new clients. It is cloud software that easily integrates with Phorest salon software, Vagaro, and Mindbody.

According to Gartner, 85% of clients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
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Collecting Reviews

Personal services businesses often offer a wide range of services, from haircuts to facials to nail care. The subjective nature of these businesses makes it tricky to gather consistent feedback, as what's great for one person might not be the same for another.Some grooming results, like hairstyles or nail art, may not last very long. Clients may not leave reviews immediately after their appointment, leading to delayed or missed feedback. Review management tool helps in keeping these hurdles aside by:

  • Automation: Automate the process of requesting reviews from clients after their appointments, ensuring timely & consistent reviews.
  • Review Request Reminders: Can schedule automated review request reminders to clients who haven't yet left feedback.
  • QR Code Review Requests: Generate QR codes linked to, make it easy for clients to leave feedback by scanning the code

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Monitor Reviews

Monitoring reviews in the grooming industry can be quite tricky.Personal services services are personal, and what one person likes might not be the same for another. When you're talking about things like haircuts or skincare, it's all about how you look afterward, which can be tough to capture in words. All these factors add up to a unique challenge. Let’s explore strategies to effectively navigate these complexities and maintain a positive salon reputation.

  • Unified Dashboard: Provides a single dashboard to monitor reviews from various online platforms.
  • Analysis: Word cloud analysis identifies recurring themes in grooming reviews, helping businesses understand client sentiments useful to monitor negative reviews as well.
  • Review response: AI responses save professionals time by generating personalized, professional replies to reviews.

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Display Review

Salons and beauty services thrive on personalization and subjective experiences, making the display of reviews a unique challenge.  The personal nature of these services and privacy concerns can limit the quantity of publicly shared feedback. Visual expectations and maintaining both positive and negative feedback constructively is very important. Let’s delve deeper into ways through which you can use review management tool to remove these hurdles:

  • Use Microsites: Microsites can be optimized for search engines, helping improve visibility in online search results.
  • Customisable widgets: Can be placed on their websites, typically in the form of a small display.
  • Localized Review Promotion: Freshreview can highlight localized reviews to potential customers in specific geographic areas.

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Reviews at Your Fingertips

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Benefits of Using Freshreview

Reputation management platforms for personal services helps to gauge reviews and utilize scheduling review requests or client management, as part of their automation process. Freshreview offers online review management system to help businesses assess the current customer reviews.


Offers mobile app, allowing grooming professionals to collect reviews on smartphones or tablets.


It can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Zapier.


Enhances customer engagement by making the review process enjoyable and easy.


Personal Services Business FAQs

In the Personal services industry, a stellar online reputation is key. Wondering about Freshreview? We've addressed your concerns.

1. Will it work for my business?

Yes, Freshreview is available for businesses of all sizes, including small grooming salons. It helps you compete effectively in the digital landscape by showcasing your positive reviews and managing your online image.

 3. How long does it typically take to see results in terms of improved reputation and increased customer trust using Freshreview?

It completely depends on your volume of customers. During the trial period, we have seen customers get anywhere between 10-15 new reviews. If you get 100 new reviews, you can anticipate receiving 10 new clients within a couple of days of active engagement with your prospects.

2. Can Freshreview help me get more clients for my Personal services business?

Absolutely, Freshreview not only improves your online reputation but also increases your visibility in local searches. This means more pet owners will discover and choose your Spa & Salon services, leading to a growth in your client base and revenue.

4. Can I respond to reviews directly through the tool, or do I need to visit each review platform separately?

Freshreview allows you to respond to reviews directly through the platform, streamlining your review management process.


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