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Maximize the impact of positive reviews and elevate your customer service standards. Freshreview is an affordable management tool that helps you to gather, curate and monitor reviews.

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Elevate Your Med Spa's Reputation with Freshreview

The visual nature of the beauty industry makes image management crucial, making it necessary to  handle reviews effectively. Medical spa services can generate diverse opinions, making it important to address the concerns of different client demographics. Positive reviews in marketing materials can differentiate a medical spa and attract more clients, contributing to a flourishing online reputation. Freshreview simplifies the process of monitoring, managing, and leveraging online reviews to maintain a positive online reputation.

According to Med Spa Marketing, 91% of patients aged 18-34 place as much trust in online reviews.
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Collect Reviews

Frequent patient visits make timing review requests difficult, and navigating complex regulations like HIPAA adds complexity. Competing with traditional healthcare providers for reviews can be challenging, and building trust in the credibility of medical spa reviews remains an ongoing hurdle. Review management tools help in following ways

  • Automated Review Requests: Automate review requests from customers through email and SMS, and even QR code scanner.
  • Regular Review Requests: For businesses with frequent customer interactions, implementing a regular review request schedule, such as once a month.
  • Follow-up Messages: Helps to send up a follow-up reminder after a reasonable period, according to your choice.

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Monitor Reviews

The medical spa industry encounters specific problems in monitoring reviews, such as dealing with diverse review platforms and high review volumes. Negative reviews can significantly impact reputation, necessitating swift and effective responses. Language barriers are also a hurdle when it comes to responding effectively. Explore the ways in which review management software helps in tackling with these:

  • Response Automation: Provides Ai- driven responses within no time, thus saving a lot of time.
  • Review Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing the sentiment and tone of reviews with word clouds  that highlight the most frequently used words in sentiment analysis.
  • Single Dashboard: Helps in monitoring reviews across these diverse platforms like Yelp, Google etc.

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Display Reviews

Businesses expect exceptional aesthetic and wellness services, yet effectively showcase these experiences in reviews can be challenging. Consistently making out content to be posed can be challenging. Ensuring the technical aspects of displaying reviews is upto the mark is also difficult. Freshreview helps in following ways

  • Email Signatures: Users can add review badges and links to their email signatures, encouraging recipients to leave reviews.
  • Showcase: Create dedicated posts with the Social media generator tool to showcase selected or featured reviews prominently.
  • Review Widgets: Users can create customized review widgets that can be embedded on their websites.

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How Freshreview Benefits Med Spa Businesses

For the owner of an auto repair shop, local SEO optimizes the company profile for visibility in locally-oriented searches. After all, much of your business is tied to a specific geographic area. Potential customers typically want to frequent businesses convenient to their location. 


Establish a client feedback loop, fostering value and long-term bonds.


QR code review requests simplify and expedite customer feedback collection.


Your progress in reviews is automatically saved at the point where you last stopped.


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