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Explore how Freshreview and SOCi measure up in terms of features and pricing, equipping you to make a well-informed choice for the growth of your business

Freshreview Vs.SOCi

When we compare Freshreview with SOCi, we see what each platform does best. Freshreview stands out because it gets updated regularly every six months. It's great for things like calculating review ratings, creating social media posts, and making funnel pages. We recognize that business owners often have hectic schedules, which is why we offer the essential tools required for your success. Freshreview focuses on the most important features for managing your online reputation, making it easy to use and affordable too.

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Features Comparison: Freshreview with SOCi

Dedicated Microsite for Reviews
Customizable Review Display Widgets
Unified Dashboard for Review Monitoring
AI-Powered Review Monitoring
Versatile Review Collection Methods (QR Codes, Emails, SMS)
Whatsapp Based Integration
Ease of Sign up
Mobile App
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Freshreview for Your Businesses

Freshreview stands out for being budget-friendly and easy to use compared to SOCi. What makes us unique is our ability to utilize essential tools effectively to distinguish ourselves in a crowded field. Freshreview excels at making it simple for you to connect with your customers through thoughtful features. We not only send friendly reminders and prompts for reviews but also provide word cloud analysis to help you easily grasp what your customers are feeling.

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Great!! Working with them has been nothing short of fantastic, and the impact on the quantity and quality of leads coming through has been nothing short of transformational, all thanks to the online reviews it has helped us generate.

Sheridan Buckle A.

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Reasons to Choose Freshreview

Freshreview's image Product Stability
Product Stability:

A stable platform ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Security Compliance:

Data stays secured with Freshreview

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Evolving Product:

Freshreview is getting better with frequent updates.

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Omni-channel Reviews:

Collect reviews efficiently with Freshreview.

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AI Review Response:

Respond to reviews in a flash with predefined responses.

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Easy Migration:

Easily switch to Freshreview with our migration support.

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Exceptional Support:

Count on our dedicated team for guidance & solutions.

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Value for Money:

Get premium features at an affordable price.

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Try Before You Buy:

Experience Freshreview with our free trial.

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Bhavya was great to work with. The app is an essential tool to get google reviews by email or sms. Very happy with the reports too.


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Collect Reviews:

Gather reviews on autopilot. Utilize our pre-made templates or get it customised.

• Send personalized emails and SMS for reviews.

• Positive reviews go live; negatives are shared with you.

• Gentle reminders for forgetful customers.

• Generate QR codes for effective review collection.

Collect Reviews
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I used this app to help spread the word about customers leaving a google review for my online store, It was a quick and easy set up!

Harvey & Lola

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Monitor Reviews:

Keep on top of every reviews that mention your business.

• Unified dashboard for review management.

• AI assists in skillful responses to improve.

• Insights from reviews for improved experience.

• Data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements.

Collect Reviews
Quotation Mark

Brilliant ! This platform has helped our business go from 0 reviews to over 1000 reviews in less than 6 months. 100% recommended

Richard B

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Display Reviews:

Build your social proof with ease. Set it up and embed it anywhere.

• Dedicated microsite for displaying great reviews.

• User-friendly widgets for your website.

• Social media post generator for attractive posts.

• Display positive reviews on a consistent basis.

Collect Reviews
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I like this software. It's easy to install, works efficiently, and does what it says it'll do. Customer support is excellent.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Freshreview vs. SOCi

1. Is transitioning from SOCi to Freshreview a straightforward process?

Absolutely, switching to Freshreview is hassle-free. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition without any disruption to your current review management.

3. How does Freshreview's pricing compare with SOCi?

SOCi, with its comprehensive features for online reputation management, tends to come at a higher price point. Freshreview, on the other hand, takes a focused approach exclusively on online reputation while providing a more budget-friendly alternative, ensuring businesses get the necessary features for success.

2. How does Freshreview's pricing compare to SOCi?

SOCi offers different features for online reputation management, but it can be quite costly. In contrast, Freshreview concentrates solely on online reputation and offers a more budget-friendly option, equipping businesses with the essential tools needed for success.

4.What level of support can I expect from Freshreview?

The Freshreview team is always available to help you maximize the platform's potential. You can easily get in touch with our team via email at, or for immediate assistance, feel free to utilize the Freshreview Chatbot conveniently located on our website.


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