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Review Management For Multi-Location Businesses

Whether you are a Corporate Office or a multi location business, tracking your online reputation across multiple review platforms is a serious challenge.
With Freshreview you can simplify this process, making it simple and straightforward to manage this process.

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Review Growth

The Review Collection Process

Handle the volume of sending out review requests without the fuss? Here’s how your customer service and marketing teams can use Freshreview to scale: 

  • Streamline the review collection process whether you're in New York or Texas.
  • Dive deep into what your customers are saying with our analytics.
  • Control your brand image, communication and responses.
  • Manage your brand mentions from one single dashboard.
  • Immediate heads up for any new feedback, good or bad.

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Manage Brand Communication
Streamline Review Process
Analyse Customer Sentiment
Monitor Review

Always One Step Ahead with Your Reviews

Keeping tabs on different sites is not easy. Isn’t it? Freshreview isn't all about collecting reviews. We've also added smart monitoring and analytics to help keep a consistent brand image everywhere you're at.

  • Whether you’ve two locations or twenty, monitor your reviews at one place.
  • Each customer is unique, and we help you listen to them all,
  • Keep your online reputation in check, every minute of every day.

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Uniform Monitoring
Brand Templates for Responses
Maintain Brand Credibility
Leverage Reviews

Making Your Feedback Shine

Freshreview is also all about helping you showcase these reviews, and honestly, this is our personal favorite and something we love to brag about! 

  • Display feedback uniformly, no matter where it’s from.
  • Handpick the reviews want to showcase.
  • Show the world an honest picture, highlighting favorable reviews.

Check Out How We Help Display Reviews!

Mobile Optimized Widgets
Advance Customization
Widget Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do review management tools handle multiple locations or branches?

For businesses with multiple locations, review management tools often offer features to manage reviews for each location individually. You can monitor and respond to reviews specific to each branch, ensuring consistent customer experiences.

2. How does a review management tool ensure that I don't miss reviews or feedback?

Review management tools provide real-time notifications and alerts whenever a new review is posted about your business. These tools monitor multiple review sites and platforms, ensuring that you are promptly informed about both positive and negative feedback.

3. How does a review management tool provide insights into customer sentiment ?

Review management tools often offer analytics and reporting features that help you gain insights into customer sentiment, preferences, and trends. By analyzing the data from collected reviews, these tools can provide valuable information that can guide your business decisions and strategies.


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