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Make a smart decision for your business's growth by examining the features and pricing of Freshreview and BrightLocal in this comparison.

Freshreview Vs. BrightLocal

When we compare Freshreview to BrightLocal, we notice the unique strengths of each platform. In contrast, BrightLocal, given the number of reports available in the program, can be a bit difficult to navigate.A major advantage of Freshreview is its regular updates every six months, which makes it stand out. It leads the way with its review rating calculator, social media post generator, and funnel pages. We understand that business owners are often short on time, so we offer essential tools designed to help your business succeed. Freshreview focuses on providing only the most important features for effective online reputation management, avoiding unnecessary complexity in both use and functionality. This approach also keeps our prices competitive.

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Features Comparison: Freshreview with BrightLocal

Dedicated Microsite for Reviews
Customizable Review Display Widgets
Unified Dashboard for Review Monitoring
AI-Powered Review Monitoring
Social Media Post Generator
Whatsapp Based Integration
Word Cloud Analysis
Mobile App
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Freshreview for Your Business

Freshreview excels in both affordability and user-friendly when compared to brightlocal, what sets us apart is our capability to use vital tools to stand out amidst the clutter. Freshreview excels in simplifying customer engagement with its thoughtful features. It not only sends friendly review reminders and nudges but also offers word cloud analysis to effortlessly understand customer sentiments. Moreover, Freshreview enables quick communication through preferred channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Its consistent feature updates every six months keep it ahead of competitors, making Freshreview the undisputed leader in the realm of reputation management.

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I am using this app, and its working hard for me. Customer service is also excellent with prompt response.

Crystalwhite Cleaning Supplies

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Reasons to Choose Freshreview

Freshreview's image Product Stability
Product Stability:

A stable platform ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Security Compliance:

Data stays secured with Freshreview

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Evolving Product:

Freshreview is getting better with frequent updates.

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Omni-channel Reviews:

Collect reviews efficiently with Freshreview.

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AI Review Response:

Respond to reviews in a flash with predefined responses.

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Easy Migration:

Easily switch to Freshreview with our migration support.

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Exceptional Support:

Count on our dedicated team for guidance & solutions.

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Value for Money:

Get premium features at an affordable price.

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Try Before You Buy:

Experience Freshreview with our free trial.

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A great, straightforward tool that gets the job done well. Freshreview provided great customer service and made all the difference in resolving uncertainties. Highly recommended.

The Branche

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Collect Reviews:

Gather reviews on autopilot. Utilize our pre-made templates or get it customised.

• Send personalized emails and SMS for reviews.

• Positive reviews go live; negatives are shared with you.

• Gentle reminders for forgetful customers.

• Generate QR codes for effective review collection.

Collect Reviews
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Great Work! The tool seems really easy to use and their customer support is fast, friendly and service minded. Looking forward to using the software and hopefully get some good results :)

The Hair Patisserie

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Monitor Reviews:

Keep on top of every reviews that mention your business.

• Unified dashboard for review management.

• AI assists in skillful responses to improve.

• Insights from reviews for improved experience.

• Data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements.

Collect Reviews
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I used this tool to help spread the word about customers leaving a google review for my online store, It was a quick and easy set up!

Harvey & Lola

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Display Reviews:

Build your social proof with ease. Set it up and embed it anywhere.

• Dedicated microsite for displaying great reviews.

• User-friendly widgets for your website.

• Social media post generator for attractive posts.

• Display positive reviews on a consistent basis.

Collect Reviews
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This works! My google page is active since 3 years and was about 50 reviews when I tried Freshreview. After about 5 weeks I receive about 15 reviews! It's about the 20% more in a month. The app works, my expectations was low but I had to change my mind! I had an awesome experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Freshreview vs. BrightLocal

1. Is it simple to switch from BrightLocal to Freshreview?

Yes, switching to Freshreview is easy. Our team is available to help you through each step, making sure the transition is smooth and won't disrupt your current review management.

3. How does the pricing of Freshreview compare with BrightLocal?

Since BrightLocal offers a range of extensive features for online reputation management, it comes at a higher price point. On the other hand, Freshreview, with its focused approach solely on online reputation, provides a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on the essential features that businesses need to excel.

2. How does Freshreview's pricing compare to BrightLocal?

BrightLocal has a lot of features for online reputation management, but it can be expensive. Freshreview, on the other hand, focuses solely on online reputation and is more budget-friendly, providing essential tools for business success.

4.What kind of support can I expect from Freshreview?

Freshreview team is readily available to help you make the most of the platform. You can reach out to the team at any time via email at, or for immediate assistance, feel free to use the Freshreview Chatbot available on the website.


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