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Freshreview empowers law firms like yours to gather glowing reviews from happy clients, fostering greater trust and confidence in your firm.

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Introducing Law Firms to Freshreview

Law firms face various challenges in maintaining their reputation. These include dealing with negative publicity, and competing in the legal field. Managing online reviews and following ethical marketing can be tough. Law Firms also need to handle crises, promote diversity, and stay on the top of search engine ranking pages to get more clients. Ensuring client happiness, and effective communication with the public add to the complexity. Freshreview is a user-friendly tool tailored for law firms, streamlining communication with clients to collect feedback effortlessly. 

According to Harvard Business Review, legal excellence paired with stellar client reviews can lead to a 20% increase in case referrals.
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Collect Reviews

Collecting reviews for law firms can be challenging due to regulatory constraints, and the fear of negative feedback. This also brings a hurdle for consistency. One key challenge is the limited number of clients law firms may have, leading to fewer review opportunities. Law firms, lacking strong online marketing efforts, also face a limited online presence. With a review management software this hurdles can be easily cleared:

  • Customized Review Requests: Customize review request templates at the right time through email/SMS .
  • Multi-Channel Outreach: Reach out to clients through various channels like email/SMS, and even use QR codes.
  • Review Campaign Scheduling: Schedule review campaigns, ensuring that requests are sent at optimal intervals.

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Monitor Reviews

When it comes to law firms, your reputation is everything. But if you have multiple offices, keeping that reputation consistent can be quite a challenge. Plus you need unique responses to handle customers which can feel overwhelming. Let’s break down the challenges further:

  • Multi-Location Reputation Management: Centralizes review monitoring for all law firm offices, making it easier to ensure consistent brand representation
  • Integrates with different review sites: You can ask for reviews at multiple review sites, from one place to make it easier for your clients to leave reviews.
  • AI-Powered Review Response Templates: Use AI technology to generate personalized review response templates, saving time and effort.

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Display Review

Ensuring consistency, technical skills, and marketing skills can be a challenge for lawyers. This becomes more challenging if you have a limited number of reviews to showcase. Lawyers are trained to navigate complex legal landscapes, focusing on their clients' needs, while marketing requires a different skill set.  Let’s see how the review management tool helps to solve this

  • Customizable Review Widgets: It offers customizable review widgets that law firms can easily embed on their websites.
  • Microsite Creation: Law firms can create dedicated microsites within Freshreview, where they can showcase all the  reviews at one place.
  • Multi-Location Reputation Display: Provides a consistent brand image with no technical skills required.

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Reviews at Your Fingertips

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Benefits of using Freshreview

By responding publicly to positive and negative feedback every law firm is able to stand out from the crowd. It's important to be proactive in representing your business and attracting potential new clients, and Freshreview can help you achieve that while enhancing your overall legal marketing efforts.


Provides seamless integration with popular legal software used by law firms.


Initiate a client feedback loop, fostering value and lasting relationships.


Timely filter duplicate contacts to avoid repetition.


Law Firm FAQs

Online reputation is crucial for law firms as it directly influences client trust, credibility. Considering Freshreview? Let's get some of your questions answered.

1. What are the benefits of having Freshreview in terms of revenue growth?

You can demonstrate the potential ROI by highlighting the Freshreview's ability to attract more clients, improve client retention, and increase overall revenue by 10X through a stronger online presence and positive reviews.

3. How does Freshreview ensure the security and privacy of our client data?

Freshreview prioritizes the security and privacy of client data. It employs industry-standard encryption and data protection measures to ensure your information remains confidential and safe.

2. How long does it typically take to see results in terms of improved reputation and increased customer trust using Freshreview?

It completely depends on your volume of customers. During the trial period, we have seen customers get anywhere between 10-15 new reviews. If you get 100 new reviews, you can anticipate receiving 10 new clients within a couple of days of active engagement with your prospects.

4. How customizable is Freshreview in terms of integrating with our firm's existing workflow and systems?

Freshreview is highly customizable, allowing seamless integration with your firm's existing workflow and systems.


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