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Introducing Freshreview for Your Dental Services

Reputation management for dental practices presents several notable challenges. The presence of negative reviews and managing their impact on the practice's reputation can be a delicate task, requiring careful responses and resolution of patient concerns. Encouraging a consistent flow of reviews is another challenge, as patients may not always take the initiative to leave feedback.To be the trusted service provider in the dental industry, it is crucial to have good dentist reviews. Utilizing software like Freshreview can help you gather and manage reviews on Google Maps effectively.

According to Medical Insights 77% of individuals utilize online reviews as their initial approach to discovering a new medical practitioner.
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Collect Reviews

Dental visits can be infrequent, making it harder to capture reviews while the experience is still fresh in the patient's mind.  Complex dental procedures can leave patients with mixed feelings, making them uncertain about how to articulate their experiences in reviews.

  • Review Request Campaigns: Freshreview enables dental practices to automate and manage review request campaigns, sending out requests to patients after their appointments.
  • Patient Segmentation: Dental practices can segment their patient list and target specific groups for review requests, improving response rates.
  • Customizable Templates: Our review management tool offers customizable email and SMS templates for review requests.

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Monitor Reviews

Monitoring reviews poses several genuine challenges for dental practices, including dealing with a high volume of reviews across various platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Dental practices also struggle with comparing their reputation to competitors and identifying fake or misleading reviews. Extracting meaningful insights from across platforms can complicate the process. Review management tool can help in handling these issues:

  • Sentiment Analysis: It offers sentiment analysis to track trends in reviews and gauge patient satisfaction over time.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Dental practitioners can monitor reviews on-the-go with mobile accessibility, ensuring timely responses.
  • Response Templates: It offers response templates to streamline the process of addressing common review scenarios.

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Display Review

Crafting an effective review display for dental practitioners involves certain challenges. It starts with designing an engaging, user-friendly layout to prioritize the freshness of reviews to accurately reflect the current quality of the dental practice. Seamless integration across various digital platforms ensures consistency in the message.So, let's take a closer look at how these review management tool like Freshreview come together to create an impression that truly lasts.

  • Responsive design :Review display widgets are designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive, ensuring they look great on all devices.
  • Real-Time Updates: Reviews are displayed in real-time, keeping the display up-to-date with the latest patient feedback.
  • Custom Branding: Our software allows for customization of the review display to match the branding and visual identity of the dental practice.

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How Freshreview Benefits Dental Practices

Managing your online reputation might sound like it takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. It can boost your website and social media visits, make customer service better, help with getting more potential customers through SEO, and make people trust you more.


Enhances customer engagement by making the review process enjoyable.


Positive online reviews generated can lead to more patient referrals, as satisfied patients.


Track the return on investment of your review management efforts through analytics.


Dental Practice FAQs

For dental practices, nurturing your online reputation is vital. Curious about Freshreview? We've got your inquiries covered.

1. What strategies does Freshreview employ to encourage long-term patient follow up for online reviews?

It offers follow-up campaigns and feedback loops to maintain ongoing engagement with patients, fostering loyalty through continued positive interactions.

3. Is there a limit to the number of patients or reviews that the reputation management tool can handle for our practice?

No, there is no such limit on Freshreview for now. You can send out review requests to unlimited patients for now.

2. Can Freshreview help us gather and promote patient testimonials along with online reviews?

Yes, it allows you to collect and showcase patient testimonials, with its social media post generator which can be a powerful tool for building trust with potential patients.

4. Can FreshReview help us generate more online reviews from our existing patient database?

Yes, Freshreview can help you leverage your existing patient database to request reviews from satisfied patients, increasing your online review count.


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