From Good to Great: Reputation Management for Realtors

As you work to uphold your client's reputation, Freshreview is here for you .We make it easy for happy clients to leave positive reviews for your business.

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Introducing Freshreview to Real Estate Industries

In real estate, specific challenges arise. These include managing many reviews from different places. Keeping a consistent brand image when there are multiple agents is hard, and rebuilding trust after reputation issues takes time. These challenges must be addressed to build trust and maintain a positive online image in a competitive real estate market. Maintaining a brand identity and devising strategies for reputation recovery are crucial. Freshreview is a simple and easy-to-use tool designed specifically for real estate professionals. Communicating with your clients and gathering their feedback effortlessly makes it a breeze.

According to theNational Association of Realtors 85% of homebuyers trust them to guide their decisions.
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Collect Review

Collecting reviews is crucial for real estate agents, but it can be tricky. Real estate deals are often complicated and time-consuming, which makes clients less likely to leave reviews. Real estate deals can get pretty complex and take up much time, making clients hesitant to leave reviews. So, let's address these challenges in the real estate industry using a review management tool:

  • Customization: Tailor requests at the right moment, it minimizes review fatigue, ensuring higher response rates from clients.
  • Automated Review Reminders: The tool automates follow-up reminders for clients who may have initially postponed leaving a review due to time constraints.
  • QR Code Integration: Agents can generate QR codes linked directly to their review request pages.

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Monitor Reviews

Real estate agents often deal with quite a few challenges when it comes to keeping an eye on reviews. From diverse review platforms with high volumes to ensuring crafting unique responses for the customers. To tackle these issues, agents can use our review management tool, which can help in following ways-

  • Understand customer sentiment: The word cloud feature visually represents the most commonly used words in customer reviews to understand customer sentiment.
  • AI Driven response: Our AI feature streamlines the process of responding to customer reviews, saving time and ensuring consistent and timely responses.
  • One place to monitor: Aggregate reviews on various platforms like Google, Zillow, and Yelp, making it easy to monitor reviews from one location.

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Display Review

Remember those reviews that pop up when you're checking out properties? They're like a sneak peek into what you're signing up for. Real estate agents run into quite a few challenges when it comes to showcasing reviews. One big worry is the visual Presentation and keeping displayed reviews current and relevant as new reviews are received.. When there are a limited number of reviews, maintaining them and showcasing them becomes a challenge. 

  • Consistent reviews: Visual Presentation and keeping displayed reviews current and relevant as new reviews are received.
  • Customizable Widgets: Provides customizable review widgets that can be easily embedded on a website or landing page. 
  • Integration with Social Media: Enables easy integration of reviews into social media profiles, extending the reach of positive feedback to a broader audience.

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Reviews at Your Fingertips

Mobile App

Engage with customers and stay on top of your review management, no matter where you are. Stay connected with your clients, ask for reviews and manage your business on the go. Take charge of your online presence from anywhere with our mobile app.

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Benefits Freshreview Brings for Real Estate Agents 

Managing your online reputation might sound like it takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. It can boost your website and social media visits, make customer service better, help with getting more potential customers through SEO, and make people trust you more.


Freshreview's multilingual support can be invaluable for collecting and managing client reviews.


With mobile-responsive features, Freshreview ensures that reviews are accessible and readable on various devices.


Freshreview facilitates a feedback loop by allowing agents to respond to clients' concerns.


Real Estate Firms FAQs

Real estate firms rely on a solid online reputation. Wondering about Freshreview? We've got your concerns covered.

1. Can the tool integrate with our existing real estate CRM system, website, or social media profiles?

Integration capabilities are crucial for firms looking to streamline their operations and ensure seamless management of client data and feedback. Freshreview also provides a 14-day trial to give you an idea of the same.

3. Is the Freshreview customizable to match our real estate brand's identity?

Freshreview solutions offer customization options, allowing you to align the software's appearance and responses with your real estate brand's identity and tone.

2. Can the Freshreview help with reviews on multiple real estate listings websites?

Yes,Freshreview software can gather reviews from various real estate listings websites, social media platforms, and reviews, providing an overview of your company's online reputation.

4. How often does Freshreview update our online profiles and listings to ensure accuracy and consistency across various platforms?

Freshreview provides automated updates for your online profiles and listings, customising the frequency to your needs. You can upload the list of contact information and automate the review process according to you.

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