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What’s the use of golden feedback if it's tucked away? Freshreview ensures your positive reviews get the center stage they deserve. Put your social proof front and center using effortlessly built website widgets that look fantastic no matter where you place them.

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Importance of Showcasing Reviews

Convert visitors into customers by showcasing reviews prominently on the front page of your website. With just a click, potential customers can access authentic reviews. Our highly customizable review widgets make it seamless to display feedback.

Nearly nine out of ten consumers say reviews play a role in discovering a local business.
Design-Driven Review Widgets

Tailored Appearance

Easily adjust the display to match your brand's style with customizable options. Your website's design matters, and ensure your review displays seamlessly integrate with your site's aesthetics.

  • Curate and control the way feedback is displayed.
  • Boost social proof by sharing positive online reviews.
  • Whether you want a badge, carousel, or grid, customize review displays that gel with your site design.
Budget Friendly
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Highlight Social Proof

Share on Social

Show powerful content when it matters most. Deliver impactful content precisely when it counts, maximizing engagement and conversions. By strategically timing your content, you not only captivate your audience effectively.

  • Personalize your share with images and review details, including site and reviewer info, full content, or just text.
  • Select top reviews from various sites and showcase them all in one spot.
  • Choose a responsive template and match your brand's style
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Showcase for Added Authenticity

Microsite Showcase

Dedicate a unique page for reviews, adding an extra layer of brand authenticity. Explore our microsite filled with glowing reviews from delighted customers who have experienced the excellence of our products and services.

  • Boost trust by adding Showcase Reviews widgets to your site's pages.
  • Reassure visitors with widgets that blend with your brand and no coding required.
  • Automate sharing Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, and industry-specific reviews.
Easy Website Add-ons
Microsite to improve SEO
Widgets Customized to Your Brand

Benefits of Review Marketing

Review marketing offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your business's success and reputation. Gather reviews from everywhere, connect with customers easily, and boost your reputation.

Instant Credibility

Reviews serve as testimonials, telling new visitors that your offerings are tried and trusted.

Builds Visibility

Simplify your tasks, save you time, and amplify your productivity converting visitors to buyers.

Smooth Integrations

Our widgets and tools seamlessly fit into your website, making sure the user experience remains uninterrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I create a dedicated microsite for reviews with Freshreview?

Yes, Freshreview allows you to create a dedicated microsite specifically for showcasing reviews. This unique page can be filled with positive reviews from satisfied customers, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your brand.

2. How does Freshreview turn visitors into customers by displayingreviews?

Freshreview helps convert visitors into customers by displaying authentic reviews on your website. By showcasing positive feedback, potential customers can see that your services are tried and trusted, making them more likely to avail your services.

3. Does adding Freshreview's widgets to my site affect SEO?

Freshreview's widgets are designed to seamlessly integrate with your website without negatively impacting SEO. They are optimized to ensure that they don't slow down your site or interfere with search engine rankings.

4. What does Freshreview offer for displaying reviews?

Freshreview offers a variety of ways to display customer reviews, including customizable widgets that can be tailored to your brand's style. Whether you want a badge, carousel, or grid, Freshreview provides the tools to showcase reviews in a way that gels with your site design. Plus, with the option to create a dedicated microsite for reviews, you can boost visibility and create social proof compiling all your positive feedback in one space.


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