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Customer opinions are crucial in today's world. Freshreview helps amplify these voices, making it easy for you to gather genuine feedback and reviews effortlessly.

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Gather Your Reviews Seamlessly

Reviews aren’t just comments; they're conversations. Proactively gathering reviews not only allows you to actively engage with your audience but also provides invaluable insights to enhance your offerings based on their feedback. Reviews act as a social proof for brands and increase their visibility. Ensure a consistent stream of positive feedback to enhance the overall rating with a growing number of reviews.

66% of consumers stated many online reviews make them trust a brand online.

To increase your Google Rating, businesses can actively encourage and gather newer reviews. Staying on top of reviews helps with growing your revenue as well as social proof amongst peers.


Get Reviews where Customers Prefer

Collecting reviews has never been simpler! We provide a range of flexible methods to send review invites. Enhance your reputation across hundreds of top websites. An inbuilt review funnel is a strategic approach that guides customers towards leaving positive reviews while preventing negative ones. By systematically filtering and addressing concerns, you can effectively understand your customer requirements.

Your customers can leave reviews quickly on multiple review sites.
Go Mobile first and ask for reviews via SMS, Whatsapp and Email.
Use Review Funnel to respond to unfavourable reviews in private.

Gather Feedback via QR

Reviews are your digital gold. About 75% users scan a QR code on a daily basis. Using a QR code as your review link boosts review acquisition by 40%. Create a completely customised QR Codes for all your reviews sites in 3 clicks.

Generate customized QR codes for Google Review Link
Customize the code to suit your branding.
Put these codes in noticeable spots for a quick and easy review.

Enhance Reviews with Unique Sequences

With Sequences, business owners can Utilize various channels to gather feedback effortlessly. Integrate your CRM data or handle multiple customers via csv files. Enjoy the flexibility of customization, tailoring the review collection process to meet the unique needs of your business.

Direct users through sequences to a dedicated funnel page, capture genuine emotions and reviews.
Schedule sequences to align with business rhythm.
Ensure a consistent and timely approach to feedback acquisition.

Evaluate Performance Metrics

Unlock insightful perspectives into your Google review campaigns with our robust analytics. Gain a deeper understanding of your review collection process and measure the impact of customer reviews on your overall business growth.

Identify patterns in your Google reviews to enhance future interactions.
Track progress as it happens and make timely adjustments.
Analyze the conversion rates from requests to actual reviews.

Benefits of a Review Management Tool

Harness the power of online reviews to showcase your business's value to both searchers and Google. Effortlessly generate a steady stream of positive customer feedback.

Timing is Key

Timely requests yield more valuable online reviews

Positive Feedback Loop

Our system spots potential negatives early, safeguarding your brand's image.

Engage Everywhere

Early detection preserves a positive brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right time to send review requests using the tool?

Review management tools often have features that let you schedule when review requests are sent. You can choose strategic times, such as after a successful purchase or a positive customer interaction, to maximize the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

2. How does a review management tool help me collect reviews from customers?

A review management tool streamlines the review collection process by automating review requests. It sends personalized emails or messages to customers after their interactions with your business, encouraging them to share their feedback on various platforms.

3. Can I customize the review request messages sent by the tool?

Yes, most review management tools allow you to customize the review request messages. You can personalize the content to match your brand's tone and style, making the request more engaging and relevant to your customers.

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