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Introducing Freshreview to Veterinarian Business

Freshreview is the trusted online review management software that helps businesses grow. Veterinarian businesses can utilize Freshreview to improve their online presence, by encouraging satisfied clients to share their positive experiences. At its core, Freshreview assists in efficiently collecting, monitoring, and displaying reviews, helping establish a positive online presence.

Harvard Business Review study found that a one-star increase in a pet business's Yelp rating can lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue.
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Collect Reviews

In the world of pet care, collecting reviews isn't just about ratings; it's a journey filled with unique challenges.Pet visits to the vet are infrequent, reducing the chance to ask for reviews.

time constraints, platform preferences, and multi-pet households complicate feedback collection for vet clinics. Let’s see how Freshreview helps in tackling these issues:

  • Automating Review Requests: Automates the review request process via email /SMS or even QR codes as well.
  • Simplifying the Process: Streamlines the review collection process, making it quick and easy for pet owners to leave feedback.
  • Personalized Review Requests: Personalized review requests that feel friendly and not corporate.

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Monitor Reviews 

In real-time it is essential for veterinary professionals to provide timely responses and gauge customer sentiment. However, this practice faces challenges due to the volume of reviews, multiple platforms, and resource constraints in small clinics.

  • Centralized Dashboard: It provides a single dashboard to manage and monitor reviews from multiple platforms.
  • AI-Generated Responses: Our review management tool utilizes AI-generated responses to address reviews swiftly and efficiently, saving time and resources.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: It integrates with various review websites allowing clinics to monitor and respond to reviews from one place.

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Displaying Reviews with Flair

Display Review 

 Pet owners often rely on the experiences and opinions of other pet parents when selecting a veterinary clinic. Managing and showing reviews takes time and tech skills. Let’s see some more challenges that they face when it comes to display reviews:

  • Review Widgets: It offers review widgets that can be easily embedded, allowing for seamless display of positive reviews.
  • Microsites: Freshreview creates dedicated microsites for veterinary clinics, where positive reviews are prominently displayed
  • Customizable Visuals: It allows clinics to customize the visual presentation of reviews, making them visually appealing and engaging for potential clients.

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Reviews at Your Fingertips

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How Freshreview Benefits Vet Practices

As a veterinary practice, managing your online reputation is essential to attract new clients and build trust with your existing ones. Reviews can help veterinarians showcase their expertise and get new patients.


Simplify reviews for customers with quick-scan QR codes.


Maintain consistent shop branding across various review platforms.


Leverage positive reviews as social proof to sway potential customers.


Veterinary practices FAQs

Veterinary practices thrive on a positive online reputation. Considering Freshreview? Let's get some of your questions answered.

1. Can we use reviews to build trust and rapport with pet owners who may be hesitant or anxious about their pets' medical care?

 Yes, by responding empathetically to reviews and sharing positive experiences, you can establish trust and alleviate concerns among apprehensive pet owners.

3. How long does it typically take to see results in terms of improved reputation and increased customer trust using Freshreview?

It completely depends on your volume of customers. During the trial period, we have seen customers get anywhere between 10-15 new reviews. If you get 100 new reviews, you can anticipate receiving 10 new clients within a couple of days of active engagement with your prospects.

2. Does Freshreview cover various review platforms relevant to the veterinary industry?

Yes, Freshreview solutions encompass a range of review platforms such as Google, Yelp, veterinary-specific websites, and social media platforms.

4. Is Freshreview software easy to use for someone with limited technical expertise?

Yes, Freshreview is designed to be user-friendly. It comes with intuitive interfaces and demo to help vet practice staff, even those with limited technical skills, effectively manage their online reputation.


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