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Elevate your agency's revenue with Freshreview's White-label Reputation Management Software. Improve your team’s efficiency and upsell reputation management as an additional service with our white labelled solution.

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Gather Your Reviews Seamlessly

In today's digital marketing landscape, agencies must offer distinctive, value-added services to differentiate themselves. Managing online reviews and reputation is increasingly crucial for client success. Freshreview's white-label solution seamlessly integrates with your agency's offerings, helping you to  upsell your services and reducing hours of manual work of your team. 

Leveraging advanced software solutions has been a game-changer in our digital marketing operations. It's like having an extra brain dedicated to efficiency and innovation.

To increase your Google Rating, businesses can actively encourage and gather newer reviews. Staying on top of reviews helps with growing your revenue as well as social proof amongst peers.

Transforming Feedback into Growth

The Future of Review Collection: Smart Solutions for Dynamic Agencies

Review management has undergone significant transformation, making it necessary that strategies that are efficient and advanced. Freshreview's white-label reputation management solution meets these demands, changing how agencies approach review generation for their clients. Gone are the days of manual labor and generic methods; the focus is on automated, and customised strategies that effectively engage customers and amplify your clients' online presence. 

Customise omni-channel review request sequences for each client, ensuring a seamless process.
Enhanced customer experience that boosts local SEO and highlights the customer journey
Effortlessly integrate with existing CRM systems  to make the review process  efficient and scalable.
Transform Reviews into Relationships with Smart, Speedy Replies

Revolutionize Your Review Responses with AI-Powered Efficiency

Agencies face the daunting task of managing high volumes of location-specific reviews while maintaining consistent, timely responses across multiple platforms. Freshreview simplifies this complexity with its unified dashboard, AI-driven response templates, and robust analytics, ensuring efficient, localized communication for every review.

Unified Dashboard to easily monitor reviews from multiple sites in one place
Quickly address feedback, showing customers that their opinions are valued
AI-based response templates to craft unique and personalized replies, giving you a head start in engaging with customers
Transform Reviews into Digital Assets

Next-Gen Review Showcasing with Freshreview

Agencies often struggle with the technical complexities when it comes to creating review widgets at scale. Ensuring that widgets integrate seamlessly with various websites and platforms, and maintaining this integration over time can be difficult. Freshreview's solution, with its easy-to-create and customizable widgets, along with a centralized dashboard for performance monitoring, aims to simplify these challenges for agencies

Generate diverse widgets in under two minutes to seamlessly integrate into websites
Monitor all widget performances through a single dashboard
Transform reviews into visually appealing social media content

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of the white-labeled version of Freshreview?

The white-labeled version of Freshreview has many advantages. It helps optimize the review generation process, which ultimately helps save time, effort, and money.

2. How can the white-labeled version of Freshreview be customized?

With the white-label version of FreshReview, you have extensive customization options. You can personalize your logo, brand colors, domain/URL, and even customize your emails to align with your agency's name and FreshReview. This allows you to create a cohesive branding experience tailored to your agency's identity.

3. How does the white-labeled version of Freshreview impact customer trust?

The white-labeled variant of Freshreview holds substantial potential in fostering customer trust by establishing a unified brand image. By eliminating any third-party branding, the white-labeled version cultivates an environment of trust and familiarity, elevating your brand reputation.