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Stay on top of SERP and boost your agency's success and revenue with reputation management tools like Freshreview. With its full-service review management and white label review management capabilities, you can help your clients generate the best reviews and maximize their ROI. Enhance their online listings with 5 star reviews and ensure their reputation remains strong in the digital space.

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Review Growth

Collect More Reviews

Engage your customers through branded drip campaigns for feedback and new reviews. Increase your sales and search rankings with consistent customer reviews.

Branded and personalised drip campaigns

Request reviews on 1st-party & 3rd-party review sites

White-label reputation management is important for any marketing agency looking to help their clients improve their online reputation and attract potential customers. With the ability to customize the workflow, streamline the process, and integrate cross-channel review responses, a digital agency can offer a comprehensive solution that highlights the customer experience and local SEO. With a review funnel in place, you can ensure that every customer interaction leads to positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. Offering white-labeled products can give digital marketing agencies a competitive edge. They can resell this customizable service, and create a new revenue stream while helping its clients to manage their online reputation and respond to negative reviews across the web. This helps agencies differentiate themselves in the market and attract more clients.

When opting for white-label review management software, it is imperative to prioritize its quality and dependability. Reputation management services encompass customer reviews, social media conversations, and brand mentions. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the white-labeled solutions you choose place a high emphasis on data privacy and security. Take the time to review encryption practices and compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

Monitor Review

Manage, listen, and respond to reviews

Respond to your customers quickly and turn them into loyalists. Use a single dashboard to monitor multiple review sites and reduce your response time.

Respond to your positive reviews quickly.

Single Dashboard for all review sources

A reputation management platform can help your agency deliver the best results for your clients and grow your business by generating more positive online reviews. With cross-channel integration, you can monitor and respond to customer feedback across sites that matter, while also providing value to your clients by helping them address any negative feedback.

With just a click, you can reach out to satisfied customers via SMS or email to gather reviews and testimonials. Utilizing a white label reputation management software like Freshreview can streamline the process and enhance your brand's credibility. Investing in a comprehensive reputation management solution ensures that your business is consistently portrayed in the best possible light, fostering trust and attracting new customers.

Consider these factors when considering white-labeled solutions in reputation management:

  1. Scalability of the white-labeled solution as your agency grows and acquires more clients.
  2. Monitor and analyze online conversations, provide timely notifications

Leverage Reviews

Review marketing adds credibility

Showcase reviews as social proof via widgets, landing pages and social media posts.
Improve your business credibility and build a solid reputation.

Showcase reviews as a badges, widgets and a microsite

Share a review across multiple social media platforms with our social media post generator.

Happy customers are the cornerstone of any successful business, and their positive feedback is what people are saying about your brand. To help you generate and maintain a stellar reputation, a robust reputation management strategy is essential.

Incorporating review widgets or badges on your website improves visibility and encourages users to engage with your content. By showcasing positive reviews as badges or widgets, you amplify the reach of these testimonials, reaching a wider audience and potentially attracting new customers. Highlighting positive feedback and unique selling points through review widgets or badges showcases your strengths and sets you apart in the market. You can also showcase your customers and their reviews by creating customer spotlight posts. Feature a high-quality image of the customer along with their review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of the white-labeled version of Freshreview?

The white-labeled version of Freshreview has many advantages. It helps optimize the review generation process, which ultimately helps save time, effort, and money.

2. How can the white-labeled version of Freshreview be customized?

With the white-label version of FreshReview, you have extensive customization options. You can personalize your logo, brand colors, and domain/URL, and even customize your emails to align with your agency's name and FreshReview. This allows you to create a cohesive branding experience tailored to your agency's identity.

3. How does the white-labeled version of Freshreview impact customer trust?

The white-labeled variant of Freshreview holds substantial potential in fostering customer trust by establishing a unified brand image. By eliminating any third-party branding, the white-labeled version cultivates an environment of trust and familiarity, elevating your brand reputation.