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Car dealerships sometimes struggle with online reputation problems, like bad reviews and not being found online. These bad reviews can scare away potential customers, and not having an online presence can make it hard for people to even know the dealership exists. Customer reviews are like gold here. They build trust, help people decide, and make the dealership stand out. Good reviews boost trust and make it easier for people to find the dealership on Google, Yelp, Review management tools like Freshreview help to get positive reviews,  that can be a deciding factor for customer. 

According to Izmocars, car dealerships with 3.5-star ratings or higher can draw in car buyers 5X more than those with lower ratings.
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Collect Reviews

Gathering customer feedback in the fast-paced world of car dealerships is tiring.  Customers are busy, and finding the right moment to request feedback can be like solving a puzzle. Some may need more time to provide feedback, especially during peak hours. Review management tools like Freshreview streamline this process by:

  • Automated Review Requests: Dealerships can set up automated email or SMS campaigns to request feedback.
  • Customizable Review Requests: Dealerships can personalize review request templates, making them more appealing and relevant to customers.
  • Efficiency and Time Savings: By automating the review collection process, these tools save dealership staff time and effort.

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Monitor Reviews

Monitoring reviews presents car dealerships with a multitude of challenges.These include managing the sheer volume of feedback across multiple platforms, dealing with reviews in various languages, and identifying and filtering out spam. Additionally, they must contend with inconsistent feedback covering different aspects of the car-buying experience, from sales to service, and monitor competitor reviews for market insights. These can be tackled by :

  • Centralized Dashboard: Gather reviews from multiple platforms, offering a unified dashboard for easy access and tracking of customer feedback.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Car dealerships can use word clouds quickly to identify areas of concern and prioritize their responses.
  • Response Management: Freshreview streamlines the process of responding to reviews to generate response copies within seconds.

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Display Reviews

When it comes to showing off reviews in the car repair business, we've got some unique challenges. From consistency, to look, style and feel it can be exhausting to showcase reviews Businesses need to make sure our reviews always look good and professional.

  • Multiple Display Options: Offers flexibility in how reviews are displayed, such as in a carousel, list/ grid format, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable style
  • Customizable Review Widgets: You can use customizable review widgets to put your reviews right on your website.
  • No Tech Skills Needed: Freshreview proudly displays what your customers are saying about your car repair business with simple embeddings.

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How Freshreview Benefits Car Dealership Business

Using Freshreview for online reputation management in your car dealership can help boost customer trust, streamline review collection, and enhance your online presence. With its user-friendly features and the ability to aggregate reviews from various platforms, Freshreview makes managing and showcasing customer feedback a breeze.


Facilitate customer reviews with quick-scan QR codes.


Guarantee uniform branding on all review platforms.


Utilize positive reviews as social proof to influence prospective clients.


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