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Smooth Out Your Auto Body Shop's Reputation with Freshreview!

SEO can enhance visibility in locally focused searches for business owners running shops. A significant challenge for auto body shops is establishing and upholding customer trust and satisfaction. Getting listed in local directories such as Yellow Pages and DexKnows can help you reach customers through positive reviews. Freshreview, a powerful online reputation management software, helps streamline the review collection process monitor and showcase these reviews effectively.

According to Think with Google, 95% of car buyers utilize digital channels for information gathering.
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Collect Reviews

When it comes to Auto body shops, customers are usually in a hurry, making it tough to get reviews from them. Some repair shops come to your doorstep, and that can make it even trickier to ask for reviews. Plus, asking for feedback can be challenging when things get busy. Figuring out when to ask for reviews during a repair job is like solving a puzzle. And sometimes, there need to be more people to handle getting reviews. Let's explore our tool to seek effective ways to tackle this:

  • Auto-Review Requests: Automatically send review requests to customers after the service is rendered.
  • Simplified Process: Hassle-free process for customers, avoiding complex steps.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Enhances customer engagement by making the review process enjoyable and easy.

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Monitor Reviews

Imagine reviews coming in from all directions, and you're trying to keep up with them. It can be a real struggle. Responding quickly and effectively to all sorts of feedback can be tough, especially when the reviews are all over the place. Some repair shops need more resources to handle reviews, which makes it even harder. Review management software helps in reducing these hurdles by:

  • AI-driven response: With a predefined response template available for your disposal, you can respond within seconds
  • Single Dashboard: If you have multiple locations, our dashboard monitors reviews at all branches, making it easy to stay on top of things.
  • Analysis: We use word clouds to show the most common words in reviews, helping you understand what people are saying at a glance.

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Display Reviews

Customers want excellent service, but it can be challenging to show that in reviews. Knowing when to ask for reviews during a car repair can be like solving a puzzle. Making sure the reviews look good and professional is essential. ORM software like Freshreview can become handy through the following ways:

  • Review Hub: Our Microsite brings together reviews from different places, making displaying them all easily in one spot.
  • Custom Widgets: Use our customizable widgets to put reviews on their website.
  • No Tech Needed: Makes it simple to display reviews on your website and in your marketing materials.

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How Freshreview Benefits Auto Body Shop Business

Most of your customers come from your neighborhood, right? They want to find a body shop nearby, not on the other side of town. Here's how we can help you with that:


Utilize the mobile app for convenient on-the-go reviews.


Easily broadcast reviews on social media with our post generator.


Track review progress effortlessly; auto-save reviews for your customers.


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