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How to Delete Google Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to handle google reviews. This guide shows how to delete, reply to, and fix common problems. Improve your business's online look!

Starting Out With Removing a Google Review

Every negative review is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to improvement.

Google Reviews play a big role for both businesses and the folks leaving the reviews. Maybe you're a business owner, concerned about that one customer review impacting your image. Or perhaps you're a reviewer, rethinking that feedback you hastily typed out. Whether you want to edit or remove a review, knowing how to manage your reviews is handy. So if you're eyeing that "delete" button, you're in the right place. Stick around

The Fundamentals: What Constitutes a Google Review?

Google Reviews are simple methods of receiving opinions where individuals express their encounters, positive and negative reviews, regarding a company or service they have engaged with. These reviews, accompanied by star ratings, appear whenever someone searches for a company on Google. In summary, they act as digital recommendations for today's consumers, significantly influencing perspectives and molding initial impressions.

Impact of Google Reviews on Businesses

When someone mentions "Google," it’s almost comedic how quickly our ears perk up. The tech giant isn’t just good at producing nifty gadgets and search algorithms; its review system, Google Reviews, is a big player online.

1. Good Reviews = Trust

Every star on a Google is like a gold star from your customers. It makes businesses feel proud, validated, and seen. A high rating can boost a business's credibility faster.

2. Negative Reviews Hurt

Negative reviews have the power to significantly impact businesses and individuals, causing potential harm and damage. It can lead to a decrease in sales and revenue. It may also affect an individual's credibility and professional standing.

3. Google Maps + Reviews = Visibility

Google Maps isn’t just for avoiding traffic or finding the nearest pizza joint. With reviews integrated, it’s a powerful tool for businesses. A positive review can steer potential customers right to your doorstep, while a negative one might just reroute them elsewhere.

4. Reviews Boost Google Ranking

Online reviews, especially on a review site as significant as Google, play a role in search engine rankings. The more positive, authentic reviews a business has, the more likely they are to rank higher in Google search. SEO is cool, but positive reviews are the cherry on top!

5. Reviews Can Change

Reviewers can edit their feedback. So, if a business addresses an issue and turns a frown upside down, they might just get a review glow-up!

6. Watch Out for Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are a real buzzkill. It's essential for businesses to be vigilant and encourage genuine feedback, ensuring their Google business profile remains as authentic as grandma's secret cookie recipe.

Why Would You Want to Delete Google Review?

  1. Posted by Mistake: Oops! We all make mistakes. Someone might accidentally post a review intended for another business or realize their comment was off the mark.

  2. Duplicate Reviews: At times, technical glitches can lead to the same review being posted multiple times.

  3. Violation of Google's Policies: If a review contains hate speech, spam, or other content that violates the guidelines of Google, it’s a valid reason to seek its removal.

  4. Personal Reasons: Someone might have shared personal information or a story they later decide they're not comfortable having publicly available.

  5. Business Owner Concerns: Negative reviews can harm a business's reputation. If a review seems malicious, biased, or fake, the owner might want it removed.

1. For Business Owners:

2. For Reviewers:

Before You Delete: Consider These Alternatives

Deleting should be a last resort. If a review can be salvaged or updated to be more accurate, go for it. However, if it's beyond saving or downright wrong, then it might be time to hit that delete button. But always weigh your options first!

1. Responding to the Review:

2. Editing the Review:

Wondering How to Delete a Google Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to get it done quickly and painlessly.

1. For Business Owners

Log in to Google My Business

Navigate to Reviews

Flag the Review

Wait and Monitor

2. For Reviewers

Log in to Your Google Account

Find Your Review

Common Issues and How to Troubleshoot

1. Review Not Getting Deleted

Issue: Even after going through the process, the review still shows up.


  1. Clear Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, your browser holds onto outdated data. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then check again.
  2. Wait It Out: It might take some time for the review to disappear. So wait for google to look at this before checking back.
  3. Check with Another Device: Access Google Reviews from a different device to see if the review is genuinely still there or if it's just a local display issue.

2. No Response from Google

Issue: You flagged a review, but there’s radio silence from Google's end.


  1. Give It Time: Google receives a multitude of flag requests daily. It might take a few days before they get around to checking your request.
  2. Check Your Email: Ensure you’re checking the email linked to your Google My Business or Google account. It usually sends notifications or updates regarding flagged content.
  3. Re-flag the Review: If it’s been a long while with no response, try again. It might nudge the system to reconsider.

3. So You Clicked and Clicked, but Nothing Happened?

Issue: Actions on the platform aren't registering, or the system appears unresponsive.


  1. Refresh the Page: A good old refresh can sometimes do wonders.
  2. Update Your Browser: An outdated browser can lead to compatibility issues. Ensure you’re using the latest version.
  3. Try a Different Browser: Sometimes, specific browsers can have glitches. Using a different browser can help identify if the problem is browser-specific.
  4. Restart Your Device: When in doubt, turn it off and on again. This classic tech solution can resolve a multitude of issues.

Assessing the Review

Screenshot of a Google review with response to the review from the owner.

Review monitoring as a process to filter negative feedback

1. Evaluating the Legitimacy of the Review

When looking at a review, it's essential to determine if it's genuine. Check if the reviewer provides specific details or shares personal experiences that make the review more believable. Be cautious of reviews that seem too generic or overly exaggerated. Take a look at the reviewer's history and activity to see if they seem trustworthy. By considering the legitimacy of the review, you can make better judgments about how it might impact your business.

2. Determining the impact of the review on your business

Every review on google can help and potentially affect your business, so it's worth considering how it might impact you. Think about the overall sentiment of the review, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. Consider the reviewer's profile and the number of people who have seen or interacted with the review to gauge its reach. Consider how the review could influence customer perception, reputation, and even sales. By understanding the potential impact, you can develop strategies to address the review and minimize any negative consequences.

3. Responding to the Review

When you're responding to a negative review, it's important to come across as professional and polite. You can keep the following points in mind while replying-

By crafting a professional and polite response, you demonstrate that you value their feedback and are willing to address any issues.

4. Encouraging the reviewer to revise the review

If you have resolved their concerns and made improvements, you can politely mention that and ask if they would update their review to reflect the positive outcome. It's important to emphasize that you have taken their feedback seriously and have made changes based on it. However, respecting their decision is crucial if they keep the review. By encouraging a revision, you show that you genuinely care about customer satisfaction and are willing to make things right.

5. Reporting Inappropriate Reviews

Positive experiences shared on your Business profile are vital as a business owner. Whether it's a review with false information or offensive content, reporting it can prompt Google to review it and potentially take it off. Additionally, it can be helpful to reach out to the customer to address their concerns or encourage them to modify the review.

6. Managing Bad Reviews on your Google listing

Negative reviews can hurt your ranking on Google search engine results, especially when they affect your business's star rating and reviews. It can be tough to see poor/fake reviews popping up, but dealing with them promptly is important. It can take several days for reviews to disappear but don't worry; you can still take action.

According to a survey, around 85% of consumers believe that local reviews older than three months are of no help.

Experiences on Google impact your business listing tremendously because reviews are public and can impact your revenue badly. You might even see a decrease in responsive feedback for your service, which will definitely impact the new customers buying decisions. As a service provider, aim to get more positive reviews and review content by addressing the issues promptly.


Navigating the world of Google Reviews might seem daunting at first, but with the right steps in place, it becomes a manageable and even beneficial aspect of your online presence. Remember, reviews offer an invaluable window into the customer's perspective. They provide insight, highlight areas for improvement, and, when managed well, can bolster your business's reputation. Whether you're responding to feedback, evaluating its legitimacy, or even making the hard decision to take it down, each action plays a crucial role in shaping the public's perception of your brand.

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March 28, 2023

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 Freshreview provides insights into customer sentiment from online reviews and helps you make informed business decisions. 

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We offer fully customizable White-label solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a startup building your brand or an established business expanding your product portfolio, our solutions provide flexible scalability. Partner with us to access cutting-edge solutions that align perfectly with your brand's vision.

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