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Negative and Positive Reviews: How Should You Respond?

Online reviews wield influence, both positive and negative, guiding consumer choices. Address negative feedback empathetically, transforming experiences. Acknowledge and appreciate positive reviews, fostering loyalty. Responding to positive reviews builds reputation and rapport. Learn how to respond to positive and negative reviews.

Best Practices for Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews

In the digital landscape, brand mentions seem to dance beyond our grasp, business owners face an intriguing predicament when it comes to online reviews. The tides of public opinion are often beyond control.

While the reviews themselves cannot change, an extraordinary opportunity lies in the ability to engage with customers' feedback. With thoughtful responses, you hold the key to safeguarding your business from the impact of negative reviews, and remarkably the potential to elevate the very essence of your brand.

Maximize Your Online Presence

As a small business owner, offering a great customer experience and encouraging happy customers to leave reviews is important. Good reviews and higher star ratings on Google can greatly boost your online presence and attract potential customers. Equally important is to calmly respond to any negative experience that gets shared on your business profile. Responding to reviews timely helps mitigate any negative feedback and showcases your commitment to customer satisfaction. This will help to get more reviews and maximize your online presence.

Why responding to Google Reviews are important?

A Google review response can help create an empathetic image for your small business. This perception is important because they influence people's purchasing decisions, builds trust, and improves search engine rankings.

Steps to Respond to Google Reviews

  1. Log in to your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business account).
  2. Access the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars and choose "All locations."
  3. If you have multiple business locations or accounts, select the one for which you want to manage reviews and click on "Manage location."
  4. Navigate to the "Reviews" section once you're on your page.
  5. Locate and click the "Manage reviews" option, represented by a blue box.
  6. This will allow you to view all the reviews specific to that particular location. Now, it's time to review them carefully.

Although responding to customer feedback on Google reviews may seem straightforward, it requires various techniques to address everything from negative feedback to five-star reviews. This process itself can help to boost your local business reputation.

Best Practices to invite the customer to share their experiences

Local businesses must evaluate the reviews and higher-rated comments to monitor their business online. For example, As a restaurant owner, you will need to regularly evaluate the reviews and higher-rated comments on platforms like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. This helps you to effectively monitor your business's online reputation. Here are some best practices while responding to reviews

What Should be Your Response to a Positive Review?

According to Harvard Business Review, 98% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reviews get the consumers to make a purchase decision before visiting your brick and mortar store. This is a great opportunity to boost your brand image.

To respond to the positive reviews start reading the comments-

How to Respond When a customer leaves a Negative Review?

Responding to negative reviews can be tricky at times.  One negative review can cost you around 30 clients. Thus, it is essential to respond thoughtfully and as quickly as possible otherwise they can become detrimental to your image. Some negative reviews may need removal where they seem fake. It becomes crucial to review on Google, which is a great way to show your concern and care for the customers. Follow these when you need to communicate with them:

Screenshot of Negative review
Respond to Negative Review Carefully and Politely

Feedback helps your customers feel heard and appreciated. Responding to positive and negative reviews is your way, as a business, to turn happy customers into loyalists and recover unhappy customers.

Think of your business page as an extension of your customer service team's efforts, and your business will reap the benefits.

Establish Trustworthiness on Google Search with Google Guarantee

Try to get Google Guarantee for your services. Businesses that successfully undergo screening and qualification processes are awarded the Google Guaranteed badge. This distinct green and white check mark instills customers with an added level of assurance and trust when they make service bookings. With higher positive reviews and a Google Guarantee, you can stand out from your competitors.

The Advantages of Engaging with Google Reviews

Customers like to be directly tied to the value they perceive from your business. Whether this value is monetary or not, demonstrating to current and potential customers that you value their feedback and are happy to hear about their experiences can have a significant impact.

By actively responding to positive and negative reviews, you can enhance your Google ratings and foster stronger customer loyalty. Engaging with your customers in this way can yield several benefits for your business.


Responding to customer reviews, whether positive or negative, offers businesses a powerful opportunity to safeguard their reputation, maximize their online presence, and foster loyal customers. Thoughtful and professional responses create empathy, improve search rankings, and demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction, leading to increased trust and engagement for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Freshreview, and how does it work?

Freshreview is a cutting-edge software-as-a-service solution designed to facilitate the efficient gathering and management of customer reviews for businesses. It provides organizations with features to review collection, monitor, and display widgets.

2. How can Freshreview improve customer engagement?

 Freshreview provides insights into customer sentiment from online reviews and helps you make informed business decisions. 

3. Does Freshreview provides entirely White- label solutions?

We offer fully customizable White-label solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a startup building your brand or an established business expanding your product portfolio, our solutions provide flexible scalability. Partner with us to access cutting-edge solutions that align perfectly with your brand's vision.

4. What support options are available if I need help?

Freshreview provides multiple support options for its users. You can reach out to our support team through live chat on our app and set up a meeting. We ensure that most support requests are answered quickly, and new features are added continuously. 


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