Generate Reviews with QR Codes

QR codes streamline customer feedback by providing a quick, easy way to access review platforms. Their strategic placement in high-visibility areas and ability to collect real-time feedback offer valuable insights.

Introduction to Freshreview's QR Code Feature

Freshreview is excited to introduce a significant enhancement to our 'Collect Reviews' module: the QR Code Generator. This feature allows business owners to create a QR code kiosk mode sticker with just one click.

This addition is not only a time-saver but also a game-changer in how businesses gather reviews, offering various customization options to align with brand identity.

  "Businesses using QR codes for feedback collection see a response rate increase by up to 30% "

Benefits of the QR Code Feature

Direct and Easy Review Collection

Place the QR code at strategic locations like checkout counters or on tabletop stickers in restaurants, making it easy for customers to leave reviews.

Streamlined Process for Businesses 

Generate a sticker effortlessly, adding convenience and efficiency to the review collection process.

Customizable for Brand Relevance

Tailor the code to fit your brand's style and identity, ensuring consistency in your customer's experience.

Value Addition for Agencies

Agencies can save time and resources by creating customized, brand-specific QR codes for each client, enhancing their service offerings.

How It Works

Generating a QR code is straightforward and user-friendly:

Ready to simplify your review collection process and enhance your brand's presence? Try Freshreview's new QR Code feature today.

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