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The flooring industry faces challenges, from fierce competition to managing negative feedback, all while striving for a robust online presence. In this context, online reviews emerge as crucial assets. They cultivate trust among prospective clients, offer invaluable insights for enhancements, and serve as potent marketing assets. Freshreview equips flooring businesses with the tools to proactively manage and elevate their online presence, driving increased revenue.

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Collect Reviews 

In the flooring business, getting customer feedback can be tricky. Some customers are willing to share their feedback and might like different places to do it. Knowing the right time to ask for reviews after a project can take time and effort, impacting the quantity and quality of feedback. To deal with all these challenges, flooring businesses can use a unique tool to develop intelligent ways to get honest feedback."

  • Automation: Streamline the process by automating the timely delivery of review requests to customers after project completion.
  • Versatile Request Channels: Reach out to customers through diverse channels, including email and SMS, to request reviews, catering to their preferences.
  • Real-time Review Requests: Utilize a customizable QR code to instantly request reviews, capturing real-time feedback.

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Monitor Reviews

The need to manage reviews across multiple platforms and websites, stay updated in real-time, and navigate the variability in review content is challenging. Understanding customer sentiments also becomes a hurdle. Crafting out unique responses to every feedback is also tiresome. Let's explore ways through which review management software helps in removing such difficulties.

  • One place to Monitor: Provides one place to monitor reviews across multiple platforms.
  • Standard Reporting: Offers customizable reporting and analytics, allowing businesses to track trends and customer sentiment.
  • AI-Powered Review Response: Use an artificial intelligence (AI) review response template to craft unique responses.

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Display Review

Maintaining consistency in showcasing feedback can be a hurdle, especially for flooring businesses when they deal with time crunch. The technical expertise required for managing and presenting reviews may only sometimes be readily available within the industry. Ensuring that reviews appear correctly across various online platforms is complex and time-consuming. 

  • Review Display Widgets: Offers customizable widgets for showcasing reviews on various digital channels.
  • Review Promotion: Highlight localized reviews to potential customers in specific geographic areas on Microsite.
  • Frequent Updates: Showcase frequent updates of new reviews, demonstrating transparency and engagement with customers.

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How Freshreview Benefits Flooring Business 

Review sites and social media hold significant importance in shaping a customer's opinion of a business. To maintain a brand's online image, businesses must encourage customers to share their positive experiences and respond to all bad reviews. Freshreview dashboard seamlessly integrates with reviews sites like Google, Yelp, Angie's List, etc.


Create custom review landing pages, guiding customers through the review process. 


Auto saves the reviews at the point of your last activity.


Help businesses to track and manage duplicate feedback.


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