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Motorcycle dealerships often face two big challenges: negative reviews from unhappy customers and needing to be more visible online. Negative reviews can make them look bad; not being online means fewer people know they exist.Reviews help build trust with potential customers, influence their decisions, and give the dealership an edge over competitors. Positive reviews make people trust the dealership more, and they can even show up more on Google. Freshreview helps to collect, manage, and showcase customer reviews effortlessly, standing out in a competitive market.

According to Ruleranalytics more than 90% of buyers research online reviews before visiting dealerships.
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Collect Reviews 

Collecting reviews for motorcycle dealerships can be challenging due to a limited customer base and a bias towards negative feedback. Addressing these challenges can be made easy with a reputation management tool in the following ways:

  • Automated Review requests: Automate the request process through email or SMS with predefined templates.
  • QR -code scanner: QR-code scanners simplify access to information, making it easy for customers to leave reviews.
  • Automated Follow-up: Helps to automate follow-up requests to prompt them to leave a review.

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Monitor Reviews

Keeping an eye on reviews for a motorcycle dealership can pose challenges; they sell many different types of bikes, and each one may have other reviews to keep track of. Reviews can pop up on various websites, making it an obstacle. And since motorcycle folks have their own lingo, responding to reviews can be a bit of a challenge. So, it's important to use review management tool to help in such ways-

  • Centralized Dashboard: Provide a centralized dashboard where all reviews from various platforms are gathered in one place.
  • Review Response Templates: Many review management tools offer predefined AI response templates that can be customized for each review.
  • Word cloud Analysis: Word Cloud extracts and displays the most frequently used words from reviews helping to understand customer sentiments.

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Display Reviews

We encounter unique challenges when it comes to highlighting reviews in the motorcycle dealership industry. Customers expect top-quality service, but it can be challenging to showcase that through reviews. Moreover, creating social posts consistently can be a big problem. Ensuring technical expertise in displaying reviews is crucial. Reputation management tools help in tackling such situations:

  • Consistency: We showcase reviews consistently across social media sites.
  • Custom Widgets: Put reviews on your website with customizable widgets.
  • No Tech Skills: Display customer feedback easily with no technical skills needed.

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How Freshreview Benefits Motorcycle Dealership

A motorcycle dealership requires a keen understanding of the industry, the shop, and the types of clients interested in purchasing or servicing a bike. The platform offers insights from customer feedback, helping dealerships identify areas for improvement and enhance their services.


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