SMS-Based Review Collection Process to get 1700 Google Reviews in 3 months

Sheridan Saddle Co Experienced Exponential Review Growth

Turning the Tide: How Sheridan Saddle & Buckle Co. Addressed Lackluster Reviews

Sheridan Saddle & Buckle Co. is a renowned saddle manufacturer and silversmith based in Anthony, New Mexico. The company offers a diverse range of products, including buckles, pendants, knives, dog name tags etc. With over 400 buckle designs, Sheridan Saddle & Buckle Co. emphasizes on customization and variety. Their premium Ranch Saddles are made to order, allowing customers to personalize their saddles with logos, brands, and lettering, ensuring each piece is unique and tailored to the customer's specifications.


Sales Slump: Few Reviews

A significant challenge for Sheridan Saddle Co. was establishing a strong online presence. Despite shipping 600 orders each month, they struggled due to a lack of Google Reviews. With fewer than 5 reviews, it was hard for Sheridan to showcase their expertise and attract new customers online. This limited their ability to use customer feedback as a crucial tool for business growth.


Freshreview: Shopify integration turned the tables.

Sheridan partnered with Freshreview to overcome their review-related challenges with a personalized solution. By integrating with Sheridan's online store, with Freshreview's Shopify App an automated the review collection workflow was set in place. This is quite major transition from a traditional email-based approach sent out at randome intervals.

This change improved the chances of receiving more reviews by sending prompt review requests directly to customers' mobile phones, ensuring quicker responses and enhanced engagement.

Additionally, Freshreview ensured that Sheridan’s customers received the review invite after they had experienced the product, resulting in a higher rate of reviews. With Freshreview's Shopify integration and automated process, Sheridan collected more Google Reviews effortlessly, operating on autopilot mode.

Overflowing of Positive Reviews in 3 months of using the product. 

After the implementation of Freshreview’s Shopify App, Sheridan saw a remarkable increase in review submissions, accumulating a total of 1700 reviews. The flow of feedback not only provided valuable insights but also helped to convert potential leads into loyal customers.

Overwhelming positive responses from customers related to an impressive 95% five-star rating for Sheridan’s products and services indicating high product quality and high customer satisfaction. 

Individual mentions of employees and the recognition they received in customer reviews acted as a catalyst to build a sense of pride and motivation in Sheridan’s workforce. Their dedication and hard work were acknowledged by satisfied customers, which resulted in better employee performance.

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