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Rising trends in real estate: Top realtor rating sites in 2023
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Rising trends in real estate: Top realtor rating sites in 2023

Discover the hottest trends in real estate for 2023 with our list of top realtor rating sites.

March 25, 2021

The popularity of realtor review sites has grown by many folds in a very short period which signifies the importance of having a good realtor ranking and reputation online. The bottom line is that realtor ratings and reviews have become crucial for the business and this can significantly impact the buying decision of a person. It is imperative for any real estate dealer to invest in their online reputation. 

To make sure you stand out from the competition and emerge as a leading realtor in the industry, it is important to keep track of all leading realtor review sites and manage your business listings across these sites.

So here is a list of some real estate review sites that can assist customer interaction and improve brand value:


Over 90% of internet users start their search with the Google search engine only. It is the most widely used platform to identify and look for any sort of information. Google reviews play an important role in Local SEO. When a customer is looking for a real estate agency through google search, he/she will get numerous results for nearby businesses based on their search query. Google allows users to review these businesses, and share their experience, quality of service, etc. Getting positive reviews from multiple customers can boost a business petition over the search engine and get more potential customers. 


Being the largest social media platform available on the internet today. Facebook entertains more than 2.7 billion monthly active users throughout the globe. Realtors are seeking this opportunity with a huge potential client base to promote their local real estate properties through Facebook Pages and groups where people can easily submit their reviews.


It is one of the most popular online directories which commonly features reviews about bottles, restaurants, and real estate. Yelp reviews easily integrate with SERP and people’s reviews about a particular real estate business or property can appear on search results. Yelp also allows a 5-star rating option and this is a great portal to gain customer insight.


Zillow is more of a specific website that publishes real estate listing only. It can help a user to search for a property by simply entering the zip code or area and choosing a suitable realtor based on experience, knowledge, price factors, and much more.


It is one of the most popular real estate listings and review sites. Realtor.com provides extensive information about various listings and realtor reviews. A user can simply go through the relevant information of any realtor and can add his/her reviews and ratings based on their experience with the same. 

Why do realtor ratings matter?

Realtor reviews can help you bring more business.  

A positive review from customers can significantly influence other people's interest in engaging with you to buy a property. People like to hear about other people's experiences as a customer or home buyers and this can help a real estate agent to convert more customers. It is always a good idea to follow up with a client even after a deal is finalized to get a detailed review from them.

Reviews create trust value for a website 

Realtor reviews can influence a buyer’s decision to a great extent. Reports suggest, 93% of people go through reviews and ratings online before making their decision to invest in any property. Getting genuine reviews from previous customers can make your business website look more trustworthy which will increase the perceived value to customers. 

Reviews encourage buying

According to a survey conducted by Invesp, it was recorded that 31% of buyers usually spend more money on businesses with positive realtor ratings. Satisfied customers leave positive reviews on real estate agent review sites which can develop a sense of loyalty to the business.

Realtor Ranking impacts website traffic 

As discussed earlier, home buyers are beginning their search for a dream house with the internet. Customer reviews usually consist of keywords that refer to real estate businesses that can help to secure a better position in search engines and increase trafficking on the website. More traffic means more engagement. Since real estate deals are quite expensive, it is essential to develop trust in your customers and the primary way to do this is through positive and continuous reviews for a business.

Realtor reviews showcase customer experience 

Like any other business, competition is prominent in the real estate business and everyone is trying their best to get clients. For home buyers, purchasing a home is not only a huge financial decision but it is also an emotional one. Their entire experience in the journey to buying home matters a lot. Realtor ratings and reviews can help one to understand how to serve customers in a better way and enhance their home-buying experience.

Reviews enhance customer engagement 

Getting more reviews on realtor review sites means more customer engagement. Customers can provide valuable pieces of information concerning their experience and other potential buyers look for such information in reviews, comments, and chats to gain any advice from previous customers.

There are a lot of practices one can undergo to bring more reviews and ratings to their business and website. Paid advertising, social media promotions, search engine optimization, and marketing can be helpful to bring more reviews and customer interaction with a business. 

Freshreview is a great reputation management automation tool assisting businesses to build a great online reputation for themselves. Getting positive reviews from customers enhances engagement which can lead to a better conversion rate. If you are looking for a simple tool, get in touch with us today!


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