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Patricia is a financial consultant in a multinational company. Being at the top of her game, she rarely finds time for her home. Like that wine stain on her rug that needs cleaning but she can’t find time to do it. She plunges headfirst into finding someone to do it for her. CleanCarpet is excellent and also recommended by Patricia’s mother. CleanCarpet has a great website and has been in the business for a long time. Unfortunately, they have not focused on customer reviews for their home service business. Their most recent review was 6 months old and reviews were scattered across Google, Yelp, or Facebook. SpraklingRugs is what she found with a quick Google search “Best Rug Cleaner near me”. She has never heard of this place before but the recent and consistent reviews make for great social proof. Any guesses which company she will select?

Why should a business owner think about reviews?

Did you know that 92% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family? Reviews can influence a prospective customer much faster than any marketing material used by a brand on their social media or website.

9 reasons to focus on reviews for a home service business

Each home service business has a particular uniqueness and strength which needs to shine outright from the vetting stage. This uniqueness is what sets one business apart from competitors. Unfortunately for a home service business, it has a bizarre mix of competitors, similar-sounding, overnight pop-ups, and enterprise companies. Hence it is essential for the true spirit, strength, and uniqueness of business to shine out in the online presence.

Though pricing is an important aspect, a low price business performing shoddy work is going to have multi-fold repercussions. There are certainly other factors like reviews that help a consumer choose one home service business over the other.

Online is the way to go

Every company needs to have an online presence, no matter what they do. 92% of customers are bound to look for a home services business online and read the most recent reviews. Especially now more, customers are going to look for a business online and local to cater to their household needs. It is essential for a business to have as many online reviews and testimonials as possible.

Online Reviews influence buying decisions.

Once a business has established an active online presence it is easier to convert potential customers into definitive clients. Customers read the most recent reviews before they make a decision.  

Mixed reviews help showcase authenticity.

A company may have both negative and positive reviews in its kitty so as to avoid looking fake. Reviews, even if they are not all positive, will make customers more aware of your brand. Having all positive reviews and not one negative review will usually arouse suspicions. A prospective customer is much more likely to read your response to a negative review. For a business, the negative reviews should not overpower the positive ones. Resolving negative feedback with empathy and prompt actions would help showcase authenticity. 

Efficient customer experience management

As a home service business, you cannot avoid negative feedback. In case of a negative review, your response to the review is of paramount interest. Most customers read negative reviews to see how a business has responded to them. A trustworthy brand is prompt, courteous, and solve customer issues with efficiency.

Higher visibility on Search Engine Results Page.

 Apart from getting new customers, online reviews also help increase your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Marketing content and blogs are a great way to showcase expertise as a business owner. But every feedback received across any platform is unique content that boosts your website’s ranking on SERP. This would give your business a boost online and showcase your business as an authority. 

Online reviews are your Goodwill bank

Every business owner comes with a unique experience, specialty skills, and aspires to provide the best possible service. Stating “No.1 Plumbing company in the DFW area” on the website would still come across as being boastful. Online reviews and testimonials from your customers are your goodwill ambassadors. They help boost your company’s reputation. Having authentic customer reviews on the website helps compliment the business owners skills along with great customer service

Online Reviews influence your price 

Recent reviews and a rating between 4.2 to 4.8, help a home service business to significantly boost their revenues. They are able to charge almost 30% more than their competitors for a similar job of similar profile. This is the true power of reviews for home service businesses.

Many platforms, consistent customer reviews

A prospective customer is willing to go the extra mile before choosing a business to fix his home. He would look at reviews across multiple platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook. So, it’s important to have a presence on all these sites and more if we want to cover all bases. 

Visibility in the Map Pack

Online reviews play a significant role in helping businesses to appear in the Top-3 Map Pack or Local Pack results. When businesses are in the Local Pack, they see up to 90% conversion with people looking for the concerned services. This also establishes considerable social proof and brand trust.

Unique challenges of online reviews for a Home service business 

After realizing the need for online reviews and testimonials, businesses have started to focus on building their online persona. Having reviews on just the company website is not enough as it may seem fake and lack authenticity. A home service business must have a presence on Facebook and Yelp. Regular social media posts and reviews here help establish themselves as compared to their competitors.

Focus on Google reviews too for your home service business

Google is everywhere and everyone is reaching out to Google first. As a business, one of the first things to do is to create a Google My Business profile. Most customers are Googling for services in the “near me” searches, like a “Rug Cleaner near me” or a “Solar installer near me.

Lack of consistency in getting reviews

Home service business has some reviews and ratings, but they are not looking at obtaining reviews on a consistent basis. This becomes a red flag for consumers. A few providers with a strong profile and consistent reviews are bound to see more customer conversions than those businesses who can provide a better service, but who don’t have a strong reputation to boast about. 

A mixed array of competitors

Since a home service business has many different types of competitors like other local competitors, large companies, and look-like competitors it is important for a business to invest and focus on their customer reviews. 

How to emerge as a strong brand?

For all of these reasons and more don’t forget to ask for reviews, only when you ask for reviews are you likely to get more and more reviews and skyrocket your reputation. 

Many a time, you will need to go out of your way to encourage customers to review your services, but ultimately, it’s a worthwhile investment. If keeping a track of all your online reviews or handling and acquiring reviews can be time-consuming. Investing in a reputation management solution would help save a lot of time and yet help in building a great reputation. 

Freshreview is an easy tool for businesses to manage their online reputation and quickly request for Customer reviews through SMS and Emails. A 14-day free-trial would help a business owner to try the product and manage reviews online quickly and easily.

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