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Convert customer reviews into stunning posts

Grow your small and local businesses by turning customer reviews into stunning posts. Save time by generating high-quality posts based on customized criteria. Learn the ways through which you can use a single customer review across multiple social media platforms.

Turning feedback into captivating posts

Most businesses understand the value of social media. They use it to promote their brand and interact with customers. Small businesses frequently showcase customer reviews on Instagram, Facebook, and even on their Google Business Profile. Creating social media posts can be time-consuming and require adequate skills.

Freshreview, the online review platform, has recently announced the integration of a new social media post generator into its existing suite of features. This exciting new tool will allow users to generate high-quality social media posts designed to attract attention and engagement from their followers.

Create Compelling Google Posts With Customer Reviews

Visual searches are here to help businesses improvise their ranking by 35%  in Google searches. As a business owner grab a fantastic opportunity to publish your customer reviews as Google Posts utilizing Social Sharing. Google Posts boost your brand's visibility in local searches by adding visual content to your Google Business Profile. According to Pew Research Center, 86% of millennials are on social media and trust reviews shared on social media more than their friends and families.

Customer feedback can be a brand asset when it comes to converting potential visitors to leads. Several businesses use the reviews as posts in their marketing campaigns, so presenting these posts creatively can become cumbersome. The Social Media Post Generator will help businesses in modifying customer reviews into creative posts. 

A Single Review across multiple platforms

A single review can be converted into multiple social media contents and downloaded in mentioned sizes, making them ideal for posting across several social media sites. The design and style stay the same, but the pictures are resized to fit the space they're in without distorting their appearance. Available file sizes are:

A customer review turned into a social media post.

After entering the details, customize it to suit the needs, including changing the colors, fonts, and images. Your post is ready for download in a jiffy.

Using reviews as a social media post that can be shared on social media is an effective way to increase your social proof. This is also an effective way of repurposing your single content into several social media platforms.

Start using our free tool to display the customer reviews into unique visuals.


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