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Get reviews quickly with QR Code Google Review Link

The online space is getting competitive and local businesses are amping up their marketing efforts to gain an edge. Customer Reviews have become a quintessential part of marketing when it comes to influencing a buyer’s purchasing decision. 90% of customers read reviews before they buy any product or service. As a business owner, it's crucial to ensure that you are getting a steady stream of Google reviews.

Businesses are looking for an easy-to-use way to get reviews for their business. Especially as soon as a buyer encounters a wow moment. With this in mind Freshreview, has launched a free tool - Google QR Code Generator. These easy to use codes are easily recognized by most mobile phones and it is the easiest way to prompt customers to leave a review.

How can Google Review QR Code Generator help in attracting new reviews?

Small businesses rely heavily on their online presence to generate website traffic and attract customers. Local search engines play a crucial role in this process as they take customers directly to the business website. Online reviews not only generate organic traffic but also act as a recommendation for potential clients. By efficiently managing their online reviews, small businesses can increase their website traffic by 10x and build a trustworthy online presence that customers can rely on. With the advent of easy-to-use technology, it's never been easier to ensure that your business is getting the recognition it deserves. To make it easy for customers, businesses can request reviews via a QR code that links directly to their business review page.

Collecting reviews via QR Code based is extremely useful because

It is very easy to create a QR code, all you need is to type in your business's name and choose the logo of your business. You can customize a QR code in line with your brand's color theme.

Use QR code to get new reviews

A QR code for Google My Business review link is an incredibly useful tool for businesses looking to improve their online presence. By including this code on marketing materials like brochures or even in email inboxes, potential customers can use the code and instantly be taken directly to your business's review link. This makes it incredibly easy for customers to review your business, which in turn can improve your rating on Google search results. With positive reviews from satisfied customers, potential consumers can find your restaurant, cafe, or business more easily. and be more likely to choose you over your competitors. By utilizing this software and encouraging customers to leave reviews, you can greatly improve your online reputation and attract more business.

You see reviews are an effective way to gain new customers and boost SEO. Using a QR code makes it easy for the business to reach out to the customer and encourages the smooth flow of the feedback process.


Forget about shelling out $$ per month just to create QR code for Google reviews. Instead, try Freshreview's Google Review QR Code Generator. It's totally free and super user-friendly. With this nifty tool in your kit, you can start collecting reviews right away, build trust with your audience, and attract new customers like never before!

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